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We've partnered with the respected Southwest Conference Planners to offer you hassle-free event programming that your attendees are sure to love. There is a remarkable variety of sight-seeing tours, team building exercises, themed events and more to make your upcoming event truly memorable and to help you achieve your goals.

Off-Property Group Tours

Horseback Ride
Enjoy the spectacular beauty of the Sonoran Desert, ride among the towering Saguaro cacti and let the scenic mountain vistas bring you to a time when cowboys ruled the Wild West. This program caters equally well to novice and advanced riders.

The atmosphere comes alive as your HUMMER blazes through the Sonoran Desert. Explore breathtaking scenery and wildlife along the way. Our tour guides are experienced, knowledgeable and have a western flare for hospitality. The HUMMER provides four hours of excitement, thrills and beauty desert beauty.

River Floats
Float leisurely along the clear waters of the Rio Verde or Salt River in the comfort of your personal raft. As you pass through deserts, mountains and the beautiful Tonto National Forest, you'll see the full bounty of Mother Natural on glorious display, not to mention any number of the local wildlife.

Mountain Biking
You and your group will cruise a quiet desert mountain trail riding high-performance mountain bikes. The experienced guides will help make this a safe and pleasurable adventure for riders of any skill level. Along with honing your biking skills, you'll learn fascinating facts about the flora and fauna of Arizona.

Desert Off-Road Tour
Travel with crazy yet courteous and experienced cowboys through a majestic forest of cactus. Photo opportunities abound, and be sure to look closely for our desert friends, the Red Tail Hawk, Sonoran Bald Eagle, Coyote and more. A truly wild adventure through the Sonoran Desert.

Sedona Red Rock Country
Travel through time on this scenic and informative tour of the area Indians call, "the place where the Gods live," otherwise known as Sedona. Travel through undisturbed desert and blazing red rock. En route, we'll stop at Sunset Point which overlooks the Bradshaw Mountains. Look closely and you'll see the original path of the Pony Express, plus many other interesting sights.

Desert Hike
Exploring on foot is the most intimate and educational way to experience the desert. You'll enjoy an up close and personal look at the elements that comprise the Sonoran Desert, and find answers to ever-popular questions - Just how old is that saguaro? Which cactus did John Wayne drink from? While more than a simple nature walk, the hikes are designed so that individuals of modest fitness levels as well as more active participants will enjoy themselves.

Desert Botanical Gardens
Learn about the diverse flora of the Sonoran Desert at the Desert Botanical Garden. This fascinating attraction offers miles of hiking trails and numerous botanical exhibits to discover. For something really special, attend one of the nighttime flashlight tours, offered irregularly throughout the year.

Scottsdale Shopping
Whether browsing or buying, this tour provides a unique and sophisticated atmosphere for any shopper. Your tour will begin as our guide points out many sights and landmarks throughout Phoenix, Paradise Valley and Scottsdale. Choose from the following stops: Main Street Shops and Galleries, Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall or the Borgata, home to many exclusive boutiques.

City Tour
Explore the surprisingly diverse City of Phoenix on this fun group tour. As you pass through downtown Phoenix, you will see the Old West become the New Southwest as art, theater entertainment take over the landscape. Heritage Square will open your eyes to early life in our city. Enjoy the spectacular scenery as your professional tour guide entertains you with tales of western adventure.

The Heard Museum
As a premier presentation of America's Southwest heritage, we invite you to begin your journey at the internationally acclaimed Heard Museum. Here you will see the arts and crafts of ancient cultures with the most celebrated collection of Indian artifacts in the Southwest. Discover the room devoted to Barry Goldwater's Kachina (spirit) doll collection (more than 400 varieties) and be sure to visit the gift shop for authentic Indian artifacts and jewelry.

Wrigley Mansion
This was the home of William Wrigley Jr. and his wife, Ada E. Wrigley. Mr. Wrigley built this home as a gift to his wife between 1929 and 1931. The mansion was one of five Wrigley homes, and was only used by the couple as a "winter cottage". With 16,850 square feet, 24 rooms, 11 fireplaces, and 17 bathrooms, it was the smallest of the Wrigley houses and was used only four to eight weeks out of the year.

Custom Wine Bottling Experience
If your group enjoys wine then this is the perfect activity for them. Upon arriving at a Scottsdale winery the group will be greeted with a gourmet catered selection of fruit and cheeses. Guests can also have a chance to sample any 5 wines of their choosing to enjoy for the evening. Finally, guests will learn how to bottle their own wine through a unique bottling experience that includes cleaning and sanitizing the bottle, filling the bottle with a pre-selected wine, corking, and labeling the bottle with their own personalized wine label to take home with them to commemorate the event.

Team Building Activities

Salsa Challenge
Let us take your group and turn them into southwestern chefs. We will coordinate your group into cooking teams to see who can work together to make the very best salsa. We also give participants 10-inch paper chef hats and paper aprons so they all look and feel the part.

Chili Cook-Off
All the excitement of a chili cook-off with none of the hassle. We take care of the DJ, music, Master of Ceremonies, judges, team coordination, southwestern balloon decor, awards ceremony, chili recipes and all the fresh ingredients. Your teams just have to make the best chili and presentation they can.

Hummer Photo Scavenger Hunt
The objective of the Photo Hunt team building exercise is to successfully work together to identify and photograph desert vegetation and/or wildlife. The desert vegetation will be assigned a point value based on the difficulty of locating various plants. However, the desert wildlife will be viewed as BONUS points due to the random viewing patterns and the difficulty of obtaining a picture of these mobile creatures.

Wild West Olympics
Imagine Olympics at the rodeo arena and you¹ve got our Wild West Olympics. A heel kicking good time of western event relays, all team oriented such as: barrel racing, western progressive dress relay, tug o war, root beer chugging contest, bungee bull riding, cowboy hat frisbee discus, quick draw Pictionary and many more. All the frills of the regular Olympics with a distinct western flavor. Cowboy event staff and western gold medals round out this round up of fun and horsing around.

Bike Building 101 ? Do it for Charity.
This nationally acclaimed team building event not only fosters communication and synergy, it emphasizes the benefits of building something that really matters to someone. Building a bicycle for an at-risk little girl or little boy will create memories that will last a lifetime, for the child and for your entire team.

Your group will be put into teams and will be using their building skills, artistic talent, and team dedication to build one boy bike and one girl bike, make two cards, come up with a team cheer and participate in the oversized Tricycle races. All teams will be provided with supplies, timed and given points according to how they finish. Upon completion of the event we will deliver the bikes to the charity of choice. Even better, with advance notice, we will bring the children to you, and YOU will present your gift to them.

Tin Can: Build Your Own Golf Course
Tin Can Build Your Own Golf Course is team building and philanthropy at its best. This event combines the interaction of building and playing your own miniature golf course and donating can goods and the carpet to local food banks and homeless shelters. You will putt like Nicklaus and give to the needy. Food banks are finding their shelves bare and in need of donations and this program is a perfect solution. With a group of 100 a local food bank will receive in excess of 1000 can goods and food items. All of the paper products are recycled. This is truly a green, philanthropic and team building program all tied into one.

Tee Pee Building
From the moment your group arrives they are greeted by our colorful event staff, dressed to the theme wearing Indian Headdresses and passing out different colored bandannas to each guest. These bandanna colors will determine each "tribe." A "Head Chief" dressed in full Native American costume will welcome the entire group and explain all of the rules and objectives.

Covered Wagon Building
Teams become "families" setting out as Trail Blazers in Arizona's Wild West. Each "family" must design and build their own covered wagon with the supplies they have been given and moneys they may use to purchase supplies at the local "old store". After each family is given the rules, objectives and team packets they must get to work, there's a lot to do before the sun goes down.

We recognize that a successful team building activity promotes three qualities that help corporations succeed ?teamwork, individual confidence, and synergy. Participants are divided into teams of 5-10 and each team member is assigned to a different skill station. After teams receive maps, compasses, clue sheets, Polaroid cameras and their guide, they are led into the Fort McDowell Indian Reservation blindfolded and must navigate station-to-station utilizing the skills they have learned. Decision-making and teamwork, not physical speed, are required to excel.

Goggles and headgear are worn at all times for maximum safety, and radio equipped referees are on the field to ensure fair and safe play. In paintball, physical size and strength do not determine the outcome.

The Ultimate Racing Experience
Indoor Cart Racing is simply the most thrilling experience around. Carts blend the excitement of open wheel racing with electronic timing systems and advanced safety measures to provide an intensely competitive and challenging event. Did we mention the track was designed and modeled after famous Formula One race tracks from around the world? The track is challenging enough for even the most seasoned racers, and amateurs will feel the excitement of pushing themselves to the limits while having a great time doing it.

Boat Building
The newest rave in corporate team building where your guests will work together to build the ultimate boat using provided materials. We divide your group up into crews consisting of designers, builders, and racers. Each crew gets stranded on a deserted island and in order to escape they must build a boat of supplies that have washed ashore with them. Together a crew designs a blueprint of a sailing vessel and then proceeds to construct it. The big test follows - will the boat sail or sink? We'll find out when the crew presents their sailing vessels with a group chant/cheer and then races in a mini boat regatta.


Beer Burro
The furriest bartender you?ll ever order from! This sombrero wearing burro holds all the ice cold beer or beverage that your group will need, and are capable of lighting up a room and entertaining a crowd. They're a great photo op and conversation starter, but won?t accept your tips unless you offer carrots to nibble on. For the animal lovers who are also beer lovers, let these fun-loving burros bar tend your next dinner or reception for an authentic southwest experience that exceeds all expectation.

Background Music
Guitarist (Southwestern, Spanish, Classical, Jazz, etc.), Flamenco Guitarist, Pianist, Harpist, Violinist, Solo Marimba, Accordionist (French, German, Italian), Mariachi - A truly unique group consisting of Jazz Violin, Guitar, Bass, and Percussion, providing all the elegance of strolling strings without being uptight. The group performs elegant, snappy versions of Contemporary and Classic Jazz standards, Light Contemporary, and Latin. The music can be performed strolling (acoustically), or stationary (amplified or acoustic).

Strolling Cowboy Guitarist
Mark's band performs as a variety of instrumentalists and vocalists, including guitar, bass, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, piano, accordion, and/or drums, produce exactly the right entertainment for your event.

Frosty the Bull
A hilarious 20 minute comedy act performed by a rodeo clown and his full-grown, trained Brahma Bull, "Frosty". Have your CEO enter the event on the back of Frosty to create an event that your group will be talking about for years to come.

Astronomer with Telescope
On any clear evening there are a variety of things to see in the sky if you'll just look up. Among these objects are the Moon, the Sun, Stars, Nebulae, various Galaxies, and planets such as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or even Pluto. Provide your guests with astounding, educational entertainment via large portable telescopes and the wonders of the universe. An experienced, knowledgeable astronomer accompanies all telescopes to ensure your guests the ultimate viewing experience.

Cigar Roller
An attendant will set up a display with humidors, a large selection of antiques and cigar artifacts. Traditional rolling tools and bunches of raw tobacco will be used by the attendant to entertain the guests. The attendant will educate the guests with exciting stories about the history of cigars and how a cigar is constructed. This is, by far, the most popular option and a favorite part of any event.

Mariachi Band
A four-piece Mariachi band will consist of a guitar, a guitarron (bass), a vihuela (small guitar), and cabazas (handheld beaded percussion instruments) and perform wonderful Latin classics. The greatest appeal of the Mariachi is their strolling, jubilant style of performance.

Perform the latest Country, Top-40 and pop from the 60s up to the newest chart-toppers. This band travels internationally and entertains thousands with their brand of live interactive karaoke, making their guest singers feel like they are actually part of the band. The band's energy is infectious, and the live audience participation is a refreshing change from your ordinary cover band. Another brilliant aspect is utilizing wireless technology to allow performers to get onto the dance floor and literally join the party. What ensues is great audience interaction and a great time for all.

Pig Racing
This highly entertaining and exciting event features our young, motivated Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs racing each other for the prized Oreo Cookie that waits at the finish line. We set a 48' X 10' racing track decorated with racing flags and chase lighting, then run a total of 4 races in a 2 hour period. Our uniformed personnel take bets that pay 3 to 1 on pigs that are named and numbered. Tickets will be given to winners to be used in a raffle for prizes at the end of the event.

Glow-In-The-Dark Golf
This event is a truly unique take on the sport of golf. Groups remain stationary as they participate in a team-based format. Guests enjoy a fun, party-like atmosphere created by the glow-in-the-dark venue. The shoot-out is a great social mixer and/or team building event as it equally appeals to all golfing interest levels. The event is complete with a master of ceremony to administer the program and a large scoreboard display keeping track of the team results in real time.

Ask about other entertainment activities including:

  • Cowboy Games
  • Native American Entertainment
  • Interactive Video Games

Chartered Transportation

Reliable and efficient transportation is critical to any successful program. Southwest Conference Planners owns and operates our own fleet of sedans, vans, Mercedes Sprinters and minicoaches. This enables us to consistently operate each transfer at our own high standards of service. We take great pride in our clean vehicles, friendly staff and reliable service. Whether you are looking for airport transportation or transportation to off-property destination, Southwest Conference Planners can coordinate it all for you, flawlessly.